Embedded Experience Platform

Scaling partnerships for financial services.

A platform-as-a-service that creates interaction with your customers  - from within the apps and websites they already use.

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we're building a platform

Now here is where it gets interesting.

tuuk's services have gathered a lot of interest from banks, credit card issuers and insurance carriers from across North America.

They asking for the same thing - a platform.

A technology solution that can help them scale an embedded digital experience strategy.

platform benefits

We're building a marketplace.

tuuk's Embedded Experience Platform creates demand for and usage of all the tools that currently live within an FI's or insurance carrier's mobile apps and websites.

Audience scale.

Our platform that allows them to scale partnerships in digital from 1-2, to hundreds.

Move quickly.

Financial services firms get caught up in red tape and contracting. With tuuk - they sign one contract and move quickly to market.

Secure. Compliant.

tuuk helps companies understand and navigate the current regulatory environment these companies live in.

Cost Per Action.

We handle the measurement, attribution and financial aspects of a cost per action partnership framework.

use case example - travel

Let us show you how this works.

Imagine you could travel - assured your credit card won't be declined - because you notified your bank when you booked your trip?

Transaction is end-to-end

Your customers are able to complete actions that meet their intentions - without leaving the app or site that they are in.

Secure and compliant

Servicing experiences are built upon your infrastructure, taking into account compliance and regulatory restrictions.

Powering hundreds of seamless customer experiences.

tuuk's platform will bring forward high-value servicing tasks to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.

With context to their situation and relationship with their institution.

Examples include:

Add spouse to bank profile
Add or block card
Notify of large purchase
Customer discounts and shopping
Travel notifications
And many more!
Let's get started

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