We help companies increase outcomes in digital channels.

Success in digital is about "More People More Often."

We started this firm to help companies increase outcomes in digital. Monumental increases.

Which come when you engage more people, more often.

And you do that by:

1) Moving functionality / content into environments that make sense for their users (distribution)

2) Increasing your registered user base, and engaging them more often (growth)

So that's what we do. We strategize with clients to drive more interactions with their customers and prospects, more often which lifts your outcomes in channel.

At the outset of our engagements we meet with clients to identify where the client is in the framework below, understand their current state and their objectives, and then get to work within one or more of our practice areas (outlined below the chart).

tuuk's distributed / growth working framework

We've built three practice areas that bring that framework (and your objectives) to life.

Our consulting teams work with Digital leaders, Platform Managers, Product Managers, Experience Owners and Marketers in one or more of the following practice areas.

We enable participation

Our team helps clients create or leverage capabilities to meet prospects and customers with functionality in 3rd party digital environments.

We create usage.

Our teams help clients increasing adoption and repeat usage of owned capabilities, experiences, services (API's) and platforms.

We improve demandgen.

Our teams help clients leverage new technologies, new tactics and to optimize journeys to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Our services map into our practice areas.

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, your engagement will cross a number of these core services.

We also custom build engagements in one or more of these areas based on the needs of our clients.

Please see our practice area subpages for more details.

Data / Audience Analysis

We've brokered a number of behavioral data sets, to let you know where your prospects and customers spend their time. We also provide data science expertise to analyze your data to find patterns, and drive decisions for you and your team.

Platform / Marketplace Evaluation

There are hundreds of existing marketplaces for your brand to exist. Amazon, iBotta, Button, Matic, etc. We evaluate the fit between your brand, audience and the partner and recommend where you will best benefit.

Experience Optimization

Using evidence and experimentation, we design, build and deliver experiences across the customer journey with an eye on increasing conversion.

Application / API Development

Once you know where you want to play, you need to deploy. We have identified technology partners that have existing action “frameworks” that allow you and your company to immediately participate in mobile and digital ecosystems. We also work with Cloud and API partners to build action capabilities and connection points that can ride independent or bridge to your current application and technology stacks.

Developer Strategy / Outreach

Build it and they will come is not a thing in the platform era. Your services and applications need to meet a need. Understanding developer needs and developing outreach strategies are important to allow the community to understand what you offer, and how it will save them time, money and open doors to opportunity. For them.

Product / Platform Marketing

Our team works to to understand your current state and then develops strategies to increase usage and adoption of your experience / application. We are also capable of executing on those programs on your behalf. This includes consumer and developer (portals) engagement platforms.

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